Saturday, 12 December 2015


Eyes closed and mouth wide open
Screaming with maximum energy I have
Surrounded by smiling faces staring myself
what a way to start a LIFE...

Ignorance is bliss and so was life
Joined kindergarten and problems started creeping in rife
it was late but learnt my first lesson
Education always comes with a price...

Time changed and so did my thinking
I was left up with no other choice than Engineering
Subjects no longer mattered in life
Results were crawling at the edge of a sharp knife..

Trend was to go with the flow and have a settled life
with some software job and a beautiful wife
I wanted to take a break from the normal routine
decided to follow my dreams and travel the path foreseen...

Yearning to do something for our nation
Want to become role model for the next generation
Head held high with pride and glory till the last breath
what a perfect way to end this LIFE...


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