Friday, 11 December 2015

Build Your Personal Brand

You feel bad when your friend fails but you are more dejected if the same friend outperforms you”.  Most of you can recall this dialogue from the movie 3 Idiots.
This statement signifies a lot of the fierce Competitive Business World. Knowingly / unknowingly we all are a part of this Competition. Some end up been Losers while some turn out to be Winners.
“We are CEO’s of our own Companies, Me Inc.” said the management expert and author Tom Peters. We all are marketing different products / services but above all we are marketing ourselves. We have to be a brand with a target audience.
Stand out in the Crowd and be visible- Brand yourself
Ø  Understand your Unique Value Proposition.
Ø  Understand how people describe you.
Ø  Define your short / long term goals.
Ø  Define your target organizations / social groups.
Ø  Be loyal to others and yourself.
Ø  Honor your Commitments.
Ø  Give Respect.
Ø  See that your behavior / actions are consistence with your Brand Image.
Ø  Create and Update your resume to reflect your Brand Image.
Ø  Go Social, Be a Net Worker.
Ø  Ensure that your Accomplishments are visible in your Network.
Ø  Contribute to Publications in your Domain Area.
Ø  Attend Conferences, Workshops and highlight yourself.
Ø  Review / Revisit your Brand to Re Brand if necessary.

Remember that this is Not an Option; It is a Compelling Necessity

Above this don’t forget to be a:

ü  Dutiful Son
ü  Reliable Friend
ü  Trustworthy Husband / wife
ü  Co Operative Colleague
ü  Caring Parent
ü  Lawful Citizen
ü  Earth Lover   
     Best Wishes for your Branding!!! And looking forward to meet you as …???
Prof. Mangesh P Dande

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