Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Outdoor Management Training

With the civilization of the human race and the ever evolving technology, we have moved from the great outdoors to the confines of the walls that we have built, though the confinement has offered us safety, it has robbed us of the teachings of Mother Nature.
In a bid to catch up with the lessons lost in the rat race, ISBS organizes Outdoor Management Training every year for its students.
OMT: Acid River Task
This year also, ISBS had organized an Outdoor Management Training an entire day’s program on 16th July2016 at its Mass communication and INS campus which was attended by all the PGDM students and managed by the trainer with inputs from the faculties.
The value of OMT and the games played by the students lies in the experiential learning which the games provide engaging the entire human senses. Students enjoyed the OMT session and showed great interest and enthusiasm it was a ice breaking session between the students which helped them to get out of there comfort zone and try new thing and generate a positive attitude towards every obstacle they face in achieving there goals.
The briefings and the de-briefings help the students in learning all the important lessons taught and inculcate in them the ability to think and apply these lessons in another situation which is their Work-place.

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