Saturday, 23 January 2016

                         OMG!! SHADOW SPOKE

Me:          Why God created humans with shadow?
Shadow:  [with attitude personified. Because someone gave him importance for the first time]
                “I AM U”
Me:          “ YOU ARE ME?? ”
Shadow:   I am filled with your happiness, sorrows, experience and memories. I am a trophy               of  your  achievements and imprints of your failure.
Me:          [Perplexed]  Go on… I am listening.
Shadow:  On the happiest and brightest days of your life, I am best visible coz I smile upon                  you.
Me:          You remind me of one of my Ex girlfriend. Cheesy words but no more with me.                    And yes!!  You too leave me in darkness.
Shadow:  I cannot see you fall into pieces. I too cry but                            covertly. Give you space and time to heal. I know                      you would bounce back that’s why I keep waiting for                  you on the path that is yet  to be travelled.
Me:        [Wiping off my tears] I wish I could hug you back my                   shadow.

                                                                                                      ANKIT CHHARI
                                                                                                      DIV- B1F

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